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Emilio Pucci Scarves

Luxury Pucci Women Scarves - Pictures

Emilio Pucci

Silk Designer Scarves

The most popular Emilio Pucci scarf is the square foulard at 90x90cm/ 36x36" a great fit for a elegant wrap around the neck or to be used as a head scarf. The fancy printed Italian silk, bright colors and wonderful designs make the Emilio Pucci scarf a popular choice for the limited group of distinctive women who like the best quality out there. The Emilio Pucci quality is outstanding. Shop Emilio Pucci scarves at 40% - 60% off.


Emilio Pucci

Twill Silk Dark Blue Scarf

The fresh colors of Emilio Pucci. The spring/ summer and fall/ winter collections keep coming back with surprising color schemes, floral and swirly signature designs. The Emilio Pucci scarf is made in  Italy.


Emilio Pucci Designs

Luxury women accessories. Emilio Pucci has kept its distinctive design for decades, stunning colored swirls prints for swimwear, dresses and silk scarves. The Pucci designs are unique yet recognizable "Emilio Pucci".

Shop luxury silk scarves: Emilio Pucci scarves at 40% - 60% off.

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