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As many people do not a buy a scarf on a regular base, some explanation about the most common sizes and fabric types can be useful. We will focus on the luxury designer brand scarves, made in Italy only.

Italian Scarves : Silk


The two most use silks are twill silk and chiffon silk (light weight/ see through). The Italian silk are printed for many decades in highly expert silk factories, situated mostly around Como, Italy

Italian Scarves : Size

The twill silk is often used for the 90x90cm / 36x36" square foulard/ carre. The chiffon silk is often found in the chiffon silk designs, 70x200cm or 70x180cm or 45 x 180cm sizes. 

Most brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino and more use similar sizing. Also almost all twill silk square scarves (also called foulard or carre) hand hand stitched borders.

See the picture for the Salvatore Ferrgamo scarf collection of the last decade.

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