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The high-end women designer scarf is still an "Italian made" soft accessory, which is made of high quality Italian silk (as many brand look for other accessories in less expensive countries to produce). The silk scarf comes in the 90x90cm twill silk foulard, also used as headscarf, two smaller sizes and the mostly 70 x200cm chiffon silk shawl. This sizing with some exception on the shawls 70x200cm, 70x180cm, 45x180cm and 40x160cm size as widely used variations but not many other sizes beside that. Most Italian women designer scarves are made in 5 top factories in Italy. Popular Louis Vuitton and Hermes scarves also have popular 140x140cm designs, large wrap, often chiffon silk.

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Brand Name Italian Scarves

The stunning colors, of the high quality silk printed in Italy, of Leonard Paris and Salvatore Ferragamo is great, signature Emilio Pucci scarves, and Loewe anagram design, Chanel scarves, twill silk Kenzo foulards also come in the similar 90x90cm (36" square size). The edges of the scarves are hand stitched (rolled). The Italian women designer scarf is known for its' quality. The silk printing, for many famous designers, has been a specialization for decades in Italy.

Women Designer Scarves

Popular Italian designer brands, known for their scarf collection, are: 
Hermes, Versace, Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Loewe Madrid, Leonard Paris, Ermanno Scervino, Chanel Paris, Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Valentino scarves.

Find an amazing designer accessory online, men's ties and hankies, women's soft accessories including silk scarves, leather key chains and Italian made wallets. The Gucci wool scarves are very popular with the GG design.

The special finds for the well dress man, appreciation for Italian fashion: men Italian ties, stories about sartorial tailoring, sevenfold ties and other high end Italian fashion and design. 

Christian Lacroix Scarves

Silk designer scarves, twill silk 90x90cm square foulards. Christian Lacroix designs are very colorful and unique. Many designs have patched design elements, including stunning floral designs, all made in Italy. As the Christian Lacroix scarf is not found in any large retailer, it makes for a very exclusive and unique women gift.

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